I wish Alexa could be renamed as Ramu-kaka.. feeling aa jaati
*Me at Starbucks
Me: your Starbucks app is throwing an error. How do I pay?
Starbucks guy: I’m sorry ma’am. I always feel technology and engineers are weird. You can pay by cash.
Me: 😶
My ex sent me his wedding card. Looking at the location choice, I reject him one more time.
I finally got my secret Santa gift - A Cat litter box

Now I have to get a cat.
Reading Karan Johar’s book “An Unsuitable Boy” is like reading गृहशोभा (Grihshobha) mixed with Oxford dictionary
Y2K will be an adult soon! 18 years old. Drink it up! Cheers
American's real reactions on SpaceX Falcon 9 launch seen in the sky:
Is it UFO
Is it Russians?
Is it North Korea?
Is it Santa? Seriously Santa?
If you think you’ve been Gaslit, may be that’s just your imagination
I want to be Alphabet soup for Trump in my next life and choke him on “H1B”.

I had to rework on my dating questions this weekend:
Are you single or married or divorced?
Are you single in India as well?
Do you have kids?
Do you have a house, anywhere will work..
Are you a real engineer or a real doctor or just a professional pursing Comedy/acting/unpaid gigs?

Do you have kids in India?
*Me FaceTiming with Shaadi.com prospect
Me: Dude, stop rolling your eyes at me!
Dude: Sorry, it’s not under my control. I’m cross-eyed.